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As part of our ongoing therapy relationship I hold some of your personal information on a Client Contact form, for example, full name, address, email address, ‘phone number, GP name and address.
In line with good practice, and as required by my insurance provider, I also keep a record of the dates of each session attended (or cancelled/rescheduled) and a brief comment on the factual content discussed.


The Client Contact form summarising your personal information is stored electronically and password protected.

Client notes are initially stored in a locked cabinet, and then transferred into an electronic, password protected format, in a separate electronic location to the Client Contact form, identified by a client code. Notes are kept for the duration of the work and then as advised by my insurance provider.

Your ‘phone number is stored on my ‘phone with your client code only but your email address may give your name in more detail. The devices I use to access these different methods of communication are password protected.
I use email addresses and ‘phone numbers to:

Respond to communications I have received from clients.

Contact clients by email, ‘phone or text about any changes to session times due to unforeseen circumstances.

Deal with payments.

Please note that email and text messages are not entirely secure because they pass through multiple servers. Whilst a security breach is not likely, it is a possibility. You may therefore consider it prudent to use text and email only for administrative matters such as cancellations, lateness etc, and not for anything else which we can discuss in session.

I would only contact your GP with your consent, unless I was concerned that you, or someone you had mentioned, were at risk of serious harm (this is an exceptional circumstance and I will inform you in advance, if possible).

If you pay me by bank transfer, your name may appear on my bank statements. I access these online, and there are several layers of password protection. A paper copy is also held in a locked cabinet as part of my Self-Assessment Tax Return compliance. If you prefer, we can agree a different way of labelling your payments.

In line with good practice, your details are also kept in a secured, sealed envelope by my professional executor (one of my colleagues) so that they would be able to contact you in the event of my death, or if I became ill and was unable to contact you myself. My colleague is also bound by confidentiality and, if my absence proved permanent they would also ensure that all personal data relating to you will be deleted at the recommended time.

Your records will not be shared with any other third party without your permission unless I am ordered to do so by a court of law.
I discuss client work with a clinical supervisor and supervision group, to support my work with you, but I do not share names or other identifying details.

You have a right of access to the information being held about you. You can provide a written request for this and I am obliged to respond within a month to your request.

Information about my use and protection of your data is also available on my website. Further information about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is available on the Information Commissioner’s Office

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